Getting Really Honest About Lying – Ep. 156

Here’s what I cover in this episode: Experts calculate that you are lied to about 100 times every single day. ┬áSome days it’s less, some days it’s more, but on average, you’re hearing about 100 lies per day. Maybe that’s easy for you to believe because you’ve been lied to so many times, but the

4 TV Shows That Won’t Fry Your Brain – Ep. 154

Sometimes we need a little down-time to just relax, but this isn’t the opportunity to fill your mind with worthless garbage   I refer to most mainstream television as “junk food for the brain” because, just like junk food, it fills you up but has very little nutritional value.  Television will fill your mind but

Is Wanting Money Wrong? Ep. 153

For years, we’ve been programmed to believe that wanting money isn’t very noble. In fact, having lived most of my life in the Christian sub-culture, I’ve struggled with the idea that money is bad. When I was 18, I was involved in Multi-Level Marketing and I was turned onto books like Think and Grow Rich,

Working Hard Doesn’t Make You Successful, This Does. Ep 152

If I had heard what I’m telling you in this episode, 20 years ago, I would be a millionaire several times over.  This is number one thing that’s stopped me from reaching my goals in the past.  I’m so grateful I figured this out.  I can’t stress to you enough, learn what’s in this episode

Get More Done by Having an “Airplane Day.” – Ep. 151

I don’t know who first came up with this concept, but I saw as part of list of way to get more done, on the LifeHacker website.   Later this month, I’m going to be flying to Ft. Worth Texas to give a quick presentation at Podcast Movement.   As much as I need to

Should You Avoid The Negative People In Your Live? – Ep. 150

I’m sure you’ve had one of those situations in your life where there’s something incredibly irritating to you.  I have… A few weeks ago, a friend of mine came to me and said “Man, I think I’m just not going to hang out with them anymore.  I’m just going to do everything I can to

The Best Tool for Increased Performance – Ep. 149

I recorded this episode after taking a week off from most of my business work.  In that week, I discovered a “tool” or even a “resource” which has increased my productivity several times over.  It’s also helped me with my self-discipline and mindset.  I even feel a clearly understanding of my purpose.  It’s been amazing.