Changing the World AROUND you by Changing the World WITHIN You.

I'll help you discover and overcome the five fearthat STOP you from accomplishing your goals and living the life you deserve.

Desmond is uniquely qualified to help communicate your brand's message in a way that cuts through and creates an emotional bond which evokes positive action with your target audience.

John Dennis
Vx3 Digital Agency

Have you been chasing business success with the hope it would bring you happiness?

I spent most of my adult life doing work people said would earn enough money to buy the "stuff" I thought would make me happy. I never realized true joy would come when I fulfilled my unique purpose as an entertainer, helping people smile and enjoy life.

I was in my 30's when I quit my position as an Engineer with a Fortune 100 company (including a 50% pay cut) so I could work on a local morning radio show. Suddenly, work didn't feel like work and I woke up each day eager to get started. Within a few  years I went from that local radio show with 70,000 listeners to co-hosting a nationally syndicated program with close to 1 million people tuning in every week, starting my own business and earning more than I ever had before.

My mission is to help you discover and believe in your unique purpose so you can create a life which rewards you in ways you never imagined.


How I Attracted 50,000 Followers in 16 Months

In May of 2015, I stopped trying to "be everywhere" on social media and focused on the one platform experts recommend for growing an authentic following in the shortest time. In 16 months I went from 487 followers to more than 50,000 who are now regularly engaging with me and my content.

Here's My 7 Point Checklist for Authentic Follower Growth

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