The 16 Minute Video That Left Me In Tears

Have I Become an Asshole?

Today I watched a 16 minute video about a retired Neurosurgeon, Dr. John Kitchin. He had a 12 cylinder BMW, a Ferrari, a mansion on a hill with a tennis court and a mini zoo. He worked so hard and had achieved so much, but, as he rushed around life, bustling past people to get to his next appointment, his next lunch date, his next flight, he realized, he had become an asshole (his words).

This video left me in tears for a couple of reasons.  First of all, the message he shares, based on what he discovered in life, is profound. Secondly, given that message, this video and Slomo’s life, takes place on the same boardwalk I grew up on, skatingboarding almost every day of the Summer during my high school years. I was carefree and enjoying the beautiful San Diego beach life.

I think it’s the last time I actually spent more than a day, just living life and embracing everything around me. I wasn’t under pressure to accomplish something before some arbitrary deadline. Yeah, I didn’t have any bills, children or obligations, but I also had a different mindset which I believe we can all have today even with our jobs and those who depend on us.  It’s all a mindset.

Dr. Kitchin shares that during his time in his rollerblades on the boardwalk, he regresses to the time in his life when he was about 11 years old.

Do What You Want

Dr. Kitchin shares the Ah-ha moment he had when he was in line at the cafeteria in his hospital. He was behind a man in his 90’s and he asked him, “how do I live to be your age?” The man turned to him and said “do what you want to do.”

It was at that moment that he realized he wasn’t doing what he wanted to do and his entire life began to change.  Watch and experience this amazing mini-documentary about a man who is free…

What do you think?  Is it possible to have this same mindset?  Is it one you’d want?

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