5 Disciplines I Would Teach My Younger Self – Ep. 122

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“Do the insignificant consistently and it becomes something significant.”

Here are the five things I would teach my younger self:

1. Success doesn’t come from extraordinary ideas. Instead it comes from extraordinary consistency.

2. Don’t chase money, instead pursue your soul’s desire.

3. Focus on one thing until it’s done. 

4. Save whatever you can on a regular basis.  It doesn’t have to be huge. Just $10 a paycheck would have made a huge difference.  It’s not really about the money, it’s about the discipline of doing it.

5. Exercise regularly – Again, it’s not about being a muscle-head, it’s about the discipline

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A formerly frustrated entrepreneur who has learned how to go from dreamer to doer to done. I help you discover your purpose, explore your psyche, maximise your productivity, and grow your platform so you can bring your unique gift to the world and live the life you deserve.