Hotel Del CoronadoI’m Desmond, a husband, father and ‘Papa’ to two beautiful granddaughters. I’m originally from San Diego, now loving life in tropical South Florida. I’ve never felt more freedom or joy in my life than I do today and it’s been an amazing journey getting here.

I didn’t have some big “ah-ha moment” on the top of a mountain or out of body experience a sweat lodge. I have simply been a student of life, wisdom and errors. Yes, errors.  Those are our greatest teachers, when we allow them to be.

My Story

I’ve been a dreamer and wanna-be entrepreneur my entire life. In my pre-teen years I would sit in the car with my mom as we drove by the Rolls Royce dealer and I would tell her, “One day I’m going to have one of those cars.” I dreamed of having fast cars, fancy boats, private jets and a massive home on the water.  I wanted to be significant in this world and I wanted everyone to know about it.

In High School I never really fit in with any of the popular cliques so I ended up falling into the not-so wise group of drug users and outcasts. I was almost kicked out of school, had I not transferred voluntarily. I missed as many classes as I attended and I spent most of my time smoking weed and dreaming of being a rock star.

My dad, undoubtedly concerned, got as close as he legally could to getting me signed up for the US Navy. I finished the task and finally got my head clear from the years of drug use. I began to dream and found opportunity in the world of Network Marketing (or MLM).  I was a dreamer again and I couldn’t wait to get out of the Navy so I could be an Entrepreneur.

The day after I got out of the Navy I got married and took a job in retail.  Eventually I found a career in the electronics industry and continued to dream of the day I could be free of my job, driving a fast car, living on the water and flying around in my private jet.  I chased that dream in and out of 5 or 6 different Network Marketing opportunities and never found the success I envisioned.

My Core Desires

Had I known then what I know now, I would have realized I wasn’t chasing stuff, I was chasing significance in this world.  The car, house, boats, plan and business were all ways I could prove to the world that I was of value. But, sadly, I never realized that.

Through the whole journey I was introduced to an idea known as “Positive Thinking” or the power of the mind and later, as it became known, the Law of Attraction and The Secret.  I also was introduced to mainstream Evangelical Christianity which taught me I shouldn’t want all those things and I should be “poor for the Lord.”

In my mid-thirties I had an epiphany as I realized my greatest joy would come from being a motivational speaker, but having a family meant I didn’t want to travel all over the country speaking. Plus, I didn’t have a claim to fame. Why would people listen to me? Still, I wanted to use my influence to impact the lives of others in a positive way.

Is This Thing On?

Every day I would drive to work and listen to a couple of guys doing a radio show in San Diego. Jeff and Jer.  One was a Buddhist and the other, like me at the time, a Born Again Christian. They rallied the people of San Diego and made us all feel good each morning.  They weren’t your “zany morning zoo” but instead human beings who shared funny and oftentimes touching stories.  They were changing lives every single day for thousands of people and they never had to travel away from home to do it.

I reached out to their producer and asked him to help me break into the industry. I started by working part-time on the weekends. With my regular job I was working seven days a week as I chased my dream.  After several years of this, I transferred to Washington state with my full-time job and for a time, I had given up the radio work.

I would sit in my office and between reports and conference calls, I would search the radio jobs sites trying to find one I qualified for and would provide my family with the same lifestyle.  It didn’t exist.  Until one day, I came home for lunch and I had a call from a local radio guy. He was friends with the producer I knew back in San Diego and he wanted to know if I’d be interested in a job working for them.  WOW!  The dream was alive and all my thought about working in radio was somehow coming true.  Maybe all the stuff I read about the power of thought was actually true.  Afterall, working in radio was all I really did think about.

I took the job (along with a 50% pay cut) and I began working with Dave Sposito and Ken Hopkins as their producer. Eventually, I was doing little bits on the air with them and within a year, given a promotion. Within a few months we had moved to another station, added in Molly Allen and I was promoted again.  Within two years, I was back to making what I did at the job I left.

I was doing what I loved doing, feeling significant in the lives of others and making a huge difference in the community.  Then an opportunity opened at a station in South Florida. I desperately wanted to get back to the beach, so I left the best job I’ve ever had and moved south… WAY south.

Reaching the Top – And Jumping Off

I came on board as the Operations Director but was quickly asked to join the morning show as they launched into national syndication.  We were on the air in over 100 markets, heard by about 1 million listeners every week. This was a Christian radio station and I was knee-deep in that world at the time.  We didn’t just talk about faith, we related it to life and did all the normal goofy stuff you’d expect from a morning show.

I think my ah-ha moment, when I felt “I made it” happened one day when Jeff, one of the guys that inspired me from the show back in San Diego, emailed to say he was visiting family in Ohio and heard our show. He was very impressed and said we were doing an amazing job.  I still have that email because he was my icon.  I wanted to do what he was doing and he confirmed that’s exactly where I was at the time.

I began to realize that the Law of Attraction didn’t give me a Bentley, a boat, or a private jet, but it did give me exactly what I thought all those items would, a feeling that I matter.  I was significant in this world and that was my true core desire.  I had always wondered, why would people listen to me, I don’t have the flashy cars, or any of the other trappings, but I stayed focused and I continued to dream of that day I would stand on a stage in front of thousands, something I’ve now done countless times.

with Sara Bareilles

with Sara Bareilles

Today, I’ve dined with world famous rockstars, partied with them backstage and even introduced them to thousands of cheering fans (remember my vision from high school?) and I’ve done better than speaking to an arena of people, I spoke to the equivalent of 15 arenas full of people every single day.

The Law of Attraction Works!

Over the past five years I’ve been on a spiritual journey and I’ve opened my mind beyond the teachings of the mainstream Evangelical Christian church. I’ve come to realize that heaven is available here today and when Jesus spoke of the consequence of sin, they affect you now and not in some afterlife to fear. Today I know God is absolute love and light and our lives are peaceful when we become in harmony with our Creator’s nature (love).  Freedom at last as I was no longer walking in fear of a wrath-filled God and no longer felt a need to convert every person I meet to my way of thinking.  Freed indeed.

Today I’m on a mission to share the “good news” that the world is for you and not against you. You are not subject to a God who haphazardly doles out blessings and curses.  To have peace, love, joy and all you desire in this world, it is simply a matter of aligning with the natural laws of the Universe as put in place by God. The world is your oyster and you can live the life of your dreams.

Will you join me on this journey? Come on, let’s go…

P Desmond Adams