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Ep. #4 – Why It’s Vital We Live in the Perfection That is Right Now

[powerpress] Good… Bad… Right … wrong… beautiful… ugly… fun… boring… If you’re always chasing after that good feeling, or you’re day is ruined because of something that happened that you didn’t like, you will benefit from this episode. Let’s start with a confession… I have not perfected this and that’s ok. I am always reminding […]

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Ep. #3 – Why Self-Discipline Trumps Every Other Personal Attribute

[powerpress] Without self-discipline success is impossible, period! – Lou Holtz If you feel like you’re doing everything right; you’re a dreamer and you’ve developed numerous wonderful products or services, you believe the impossible is possible, you have a vision board in front of you and you’re emotionally connecting with what you see, but you just […]

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Celebrate Failure

I want you to celebrate failure… Crazy? Not at all, in fact, in the world of fitness, a workout isn’t really considered ultimately beneficial until you’ve reached failure. This is when you’ve pushed your muscles to the point where they simply can not push any further and you are forced to stop. Unfortunately, too often […]

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