Ep. 76 – Stop Berating Yourself for Past Mistakes


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Episode Summary

In this episode you’re going to find freedom from your past by viewing it in a more healthy way. It’s not about disregarding your previous mistakes, but rather, putting them into the right compartment so you can learn and improve from them, rather than be defined by them.

Amazing Meditation Tool

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Try a free audio track and see if you experience the same great results I’ve experienced.


Call to Action

Share with the others in our community, what you’ve done to have a healthier approach to your past mistakes.  Did you write a letter to yourself? Did you apologize to someone you’ve hurt in the past? Did you step up to the plate and take another swing?

Share it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

May your reach always exceed your grasp,


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A formerly frustrated entrepreneur who has learned how to go from dreamer to doer to done. I help you discover your purpose, explore your psyche, maximise your productivity, and grow your platform so you can bring your unique gift to the world and live the life you deserve.