Creation Begins With Thought

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – John 1:1

There’s a good chance, even if you’re not a Christian, you’ve heard this verse at some time in your life. For Christians, you hear this verse and you immediately think of Jesus as being the “Word” that is God and was with God in “the beginning.” Of course, you may have never given much thought to what this first verse in the Gospel of John may mean and why it’s various interpretations become instrumental to developing the current theology of the mainstream Evangelical Church.

I want to explore the definition of the word “Word” and how it’s original meaning can empower and help you understand the miraculous creative force you posses.

In writing this, as with everything I write, my desired goal is to spur thought outside of the confines of dictated “allowable” beliefs. I’m simply encouraging you, regardless of your theological or religious background, to study, ponder, discuss and allow this writing to be part of the discussion on this topic. There is no dogma to be espoused and no need for you to affirm my beliefs. If what I write resonates with you, I’m honored. If it doesn’t resonate with you, I appreciate that you’ve given a bit of your life to consider my thoughts.

Why Do Christians Believe Jesus Was The Word?

Gospel-of-JohnFor almost 30 years, as an Evangelical Christian, I never gave thought for more than a moment to the meaning behind this verse. I was told by “trusted teachers” that the “Word” was referring to Jesus and I accepted that explanation. This is the risk in allowing others to teach without independent thought and exploration. Yes, it’s just as risky to accept what I’m sharing today without your independent exploration of it. So, please do so…

After extensive research I can not find one explanation as to why Christianity believes this verse is referring to Jesus as the “Word.” It appears from what I’ve read, the belief was established first and then the teachings on the verse and it’s meaning were made to fit that belief. Today’s Bible teachers are just teaching what they were taught by teachers who simply taught what they were given by their teachers.

What Does the Word “Word” Mean?

To better understand the meaning behind this verse, we’ll need to take a look at the original text used in John 1:1.
Let’s start with the Greek. In the original Greek text, the word “Logos” was used and eventually translated to the English “Word.” Logos had been used for many years prior to Jesus walking the earth and to the reader in that day, it would have meant a thought, idea or intention.

So to those reading the Gospel of John in the time it was written, would have understood it to mean – In the beginning was God’s thought, and his thought was with God and His thought was God. That’s a very powerful concept that God is thought and ergo, thought is God.
When you go back to the Biblical account of creation, whether you accept a literal interpretation or fall in line with myself and see this as a metaphor to try to explain something nobody could possibly understand in that day, God spoke or intended the world into existence. In other words, God’s word or His thought created all that is around us today.

The Beginning of What You Create

praying-handsYou, being made in the image of God, are a creator as well; with it all starting at the same place, your thought or intention… your word, your will.

I’m encouraging you to take hold of the concept that thought energy is God energy. Thought and intention and will is what God is made up of and you have the ability to tap into God through your thoughts. Dare I say, you have the ability to create, as God does, by using God energy or thought energy.

There is nothing extra-biblical about this explanation, but there is something outside of what the church currently teaches. But remember, the church does not hold final approval on what is good and from our creator, instead allow the spirit within you to give you understanding without the guilt or coercion of men.

I hope this brings you peace in your soul,

P Desmond Adams

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