Ep. #36 – The Secret to Having a Fulfilling Life



“Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You cannot get there by bus, only by hard work, risking and by not quite knowing what you are doing. What you will discover will be wonderful: Yourself.”

Alan Alda – American Actor

In This Episode

You’re going to be encouraged to move from a consumer to a creator. To find true fulfillment in your life by creating for the benefit of yourself and others. To go inward to find what your soul has to offer the world.

Life Lessons

On Mondays, I like to share a life-lesson; Something to generally increase your quality of life. Beyond just productivity, which I share on Tuesdays, Self-Discipline on Wednesday and even Spiritual ideas which come out on Thursday.

Ironically, today my life-lesson is about living life itself. It’s about learning to have the most fulfilling life possible.

We Live in a Consumer Based World

We live today in a world where we’re encouraged and enticed to consume, being told through marketing that, when we consume the right items, we’ll find happiness.  When we get new shoes, we’ll walk a little quick with a skip in our step. When buy a new car, we’ll find out daily drives are like an adventurous driving along a mountain road. We’re even sold the idea that ingesting poisonous smoke through the right brand of cigarettes will make us more glamourous.

If you don’t feel good, buy something that will make you feel that way. This is why so many of us are depressed and left empty feeling and unsatisfied

We fall into this cycle where we borrow money so we can consume stuff that we think will make us happy, which forces us into a life where we have to work at a job we don’t like just to keep up with our bills. At this point the cycle repeats

Be Creative

What we don’t hear is that joy and fulfillment come from creative activities.  We don’t see slick marketing plans telling us that when we give to others of ourselves, we feel fulfilled. This isn’t profitable for the corporations in the world.

I truly believe we were designed to be creators and it’s what sets us apart from the other creatures on the Earth. When we’re creative we connect with our soul because creativity comes from our imagination, not our just our knowledge. This is what connects us with our source, our ultimate creator, God, if you will.

Find That Which is Unique Within You

Do what moves you in an emotional or even spiritual way. You’ll find some may call it work, some may call it play, but, don’t be influenced by their opinions, just let your creativity flow.

Don’t be in self-judgement of that creativity either. We’re raised in a world where we’re graded on everything, even in an art class, we receive a grade on how well we do. In fact, our entire formative years are built on the idea of competition not creativity. 

We actually get punished by authority when we are different. We get ridiculed by our peers when we are different from them. We work so hard to fit in and match those around us, it’s no wonder we are feel strange when we let what’s unique inside us, come out for the world to see.

What is Inside of You?

What if you put aside, for a time, the expectations others put on you and you just shined? Make a point of being creative in some way today. In a non-judgemental way, let something creative flow out of you or do something for someone else today that is uniquely from you

Live life.

I’d love if you shared something creative you did today, with the community on Facebook.

QUESTION: If you could do anything creative (sign, draw, sculpt, cook, etc) what would it be? Share your answer in the comments below.


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