Ep. 22 – The Secret to Getting “It” Done Without Fail


“Being selective—doing less—is the path of the productive. Focus on the important few and ignore the rest.”

– Tim Ferriss

In This Episode

The #1 secret tip to getting your work done. No excuses… no coming up short, no failures whatsoever. What I share in this episode has been the difference in my life between years and even decades of work without results and where I am now… doing what I love every single day.

It’s Time To Finally F.O.C.U.S.

I have to give credit to John Lee Dumas, the host of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, as he was the first person I’ve heard use this acronym.

  • Follow
  • One
  • Course
  • Until
  • Success

I did dig into this idea a little, back in Episode #6 where I discuss finding the perfect vehicle to get you where you want to be in life. I’d encourage you to go back and revisit that as well, but in this episode I want to dig a little deeper.

To do that, I’m going to dissect this in the way acronyms are meant to be dissected, one letter or word at a time.  So let’s get started:

Follow – If you’re going to follow something, well, you have to have something to follow.  By this I mean, have a goal with this project or even in this season of life.  Know what you want so you know what you’re following.

One – If you have a Plan B, you don’t have a Plan A. You need to burn the boats and take the beach. You have one course you’re going to follow and that’s it. So spent some time deciding on that before you set up.  Keep in mind, you’re not going to do this without making adjustments along the way but you have to commit to this one thing.

Course – Think of this like a golf course.  You know that you eventually want to get to the 18th hole but you have to have a plan for the #1 Tee Box and know where you want to land on the fairway in order to set up for your approach shot.  Just like driving a car, you have a goal or destination, but you have to know what you’re going to do when you get to the interstate or when you have to change roads.  You have a course with specific plans at each turn.

Until – This word is very definite and doesn’t leave any wiggle room. You’re going to do this UNTIL… not IF, but until.  Until means it is continues and without pause. I realize this is hardcore, but nobody is changing the world without being a little hardcore in this area.

Success – What is success for you? How will you know you’ve reached success?  Write down how you would define success with this journey and commit it to memory so you never have to wonder if you’re there.  When it’s clear and certain, you will know you’re there.

I hope this helps you, as always, but this episode in particular is one I believe could be the game changer for you. If you’re not sure you can make a commitment like this, you may have to reexamine what you’re doing. We all need balance and I believe family and relationships come first, but… sitting down to watch 3 hours of TV each night with the family isn’t putting their interests first.  Don’t fool yourself.

Get hardcore on this stuff and Follow One Course Until Success.

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