Ep. #24 – Don’t Let Your Knowledge Limit Your Imagination


“Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

– Albert Einstein

In This Episode

I want to challenge you to set aside your limiting thoughts and your beliefs. I want to help you see beyond what you CAN see and even what you CAN imagine. I want to help you take your thoughts and stretch beyond where you can imagine letting them stretch.

They Couldn’t See It But It Was There

For millions and even billions of years, there was this mystical “stuff” which flowed all over the earth. It was there but nobody realized it. Not until about 300 years ago did we finally start to harness the power of “stuff.”  Today it’s something we take for granted, but back then, they would have thought you were a crazy sorcerer if you told them what it was capable of doing.

That “stuff” was electricity.

The lightbulb didn’t come about until the late 1800’s, just about 150 years ago. Just think about what it would have been like to describe this to people prior to that time. It would have seemed like magic and you may have put your life in jeopardy sharing it with people.

With a light bulb, you’d been able to manifest a brilliant bring light in the middle of room and keep it burning for about 40 hours originally. No wick, oil or lantern. Just a bulb and a couple of wires to bring in the magic “stuff.”

What about the ability to transmit radio signals?

You’d only have to go back 120 years to astound people with the ghostly prediction that they could some day say something in England and hear it in North America… Imagine what that prediction would have sounded like to people in the 1800’s?

Without yelling, you’d be able to talk in England and almost instantly, someone in New York would hear your words.  Knowing what they did back then, that’s strange and would have been hard to imagine.

So What Are We Not Able to Imagine Today?

What keeps us from seeing the “impossible” in our minds today? We’ve seen so much innovation in our day, moving along at an exponential rate of increase, yet, we still have a hard time seeing much beyond where we are today.

There are a group of people who can imagine the unimaginable. These are people who you most likely interact with every single day. They’re all over the place and you never stop to notice. Maybe once in a while you’ll say “Man, I wish I had the imagination of a _____.”

Child… Children have this unbelievable ability to imagine some stuff that’s really out there. But, why? Because they haven’t been filled with limiting knowledge yet.  This is what causes us to stop just beyond where we currently exist. Unable to imagine much more than what we can hold in our hand.

We must unlearn what we know… 

When I talk to friends about this ability to tap into infinite Universal knowledge and wisdom, I get odd looks. But, how far-fetched is it really? Tougher to believe than the idea of electricity or television, for people 500 years ago? Honestly, it’s not that tough. In fact, sometimes I think we don’t want to experience this because it takes us outside of our known area, our comfort zone. So we shy away from anything other than our current understanding.

Even when it comes to the idea of God….

Don’t let your knowledge limit your ability to accept the possibility of something existing outside of it. Don’t limit your beliefs to the things you can measure. 300 years ago, if you tried to look for electricity, you may not even know what to look for and you certainly wouldn’t have the proper tool to measure it.

When it comes to God, I think we often deal with the same thing.  We let our “knowledge” of God, based on the writings in ancient texts dictate what we should be looking for as evidence. Even if we knew what to look for, how do you measure or validate this evidence of God?

You may not be looking for the right thing…. or even using the right tools.

Set your imagination free of the bounds of your knowledge.

P Desmond Adams

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