Ep #26 – Don’t Regret the End of Good Things


“Don’t Cry Because it’s Over, Smile Because it Happened.”

– Dr. Suess

In This Episode

We’re going to look at how we can enjoy the the good things that have happened and not be saddened by the fact that they’re over, which tends to rob of not only of our current joy, but the wonderful memories as well.

The End of an Era

As I put this episode out, we’re coming up on the end of the end of the school year for so many. Just over a month and even less time for some.

You’ll be saying good bye, crying tears, and promising to stay in touch as you head off to college, the military, to start a career yourself or even just staying in town. It won’t be the same from this day forward and your good memories will be just that, memories. Not only are the students dealing with this, but so are the parents.

Some people become so sad by the ending of one part of life they can’t fully embrace where they’re going. We become trapped in the past. This is much more common when something bad happens in life, but it also is very real for people who are coming out of their best time.

A Very Real Issue for Anyone Who is a Super Achiever

I’ve talked at length with a professional football player who have been to the Super Bowl and won. He said it’s such a pinnacle for them, from the time they first start throwing a football in the backyard, envisioning themselves in the Super Bowl. Through high school, college and then moving up through the pros and then it finally happens; you’ve won the play off games and you’re going to the big game.

Then you win!

You’ve made it!

You’re at the top.

You’ve reach the ultimate success in your life’s pursuit.

Now what?

Some deal with major depression coming out of that.

Business Owners Deal with This as Well.

You dream of owning your own business. You finally do and get started and then you start making money and eventually you’ve reached the top in your industry and you wonder… now what?

The First Thing You Should Do

Embrace it and let it all soak in while you CELEBRATE!

Maybe write down what you experienced and what you felt in that place. It will come in handy in the future… we often forget the details of those moments.

The Second Thing You Should Do

Embrace What’s Next!

But remember, what’s next doesn’t have to be a bigger goal. If you win the superbowl maybe you want to finally play scratch golf or challenge yourself in an area that wasn’t one of your greatest strengths. That’s when we really grow.

The reason we think some goals are better than others is because of our ego. When you set ego aside, you realize being a great youth football coach is just as valuable to the world as being a Super Bowl quarterback.

When you’ve achieved something that is so distinct in a field, like a Super Bowl win (yes, I realize most of you, if not all, aren’t in this spot) you have a very special opportunity to help someone else get to the same spot. You’re valuable now, in that regard in a way that very few can claim. You can be their sherpa. You know the twists and turns. The hurdles and, most importantly, you’ll know how to guide them once they reach the top.

Make The Plans Even Before You Reach the Goal.

At least write them down so that when you do reach your current goal, you’re not standing there not knowing what to do. Don’t get lost in these follow up goals, just mentally explore where you want to g and write them down. Then get back to your current goal.

Call to Action

Take some time today to write down 3 things you’d love to do once you reach your current goal. These should be things you look forward to experiencing or helping others experience. Don’t pass judgement on how they compare to what you’re doing now, just search inward, looking at your Soul Desires for something that will move you emotionally.

Now, put them away… and get back to today’s goal.

Have a great day!


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