Ep. #29 – Thought is the Catalyst for Evolutionary Change


“Behold the process of evolution and you will see desire being projected into the Universal Mind and returning in physical reality.”

– Uell S. Anderson the author of Three Magic Words

In This Episode

You’re going to learn how your every thought is impressed upon a Universal Mind and impacts the whole of humanity and beyond. This episode may be a mental or spiritual stretch for you, but I hope you’ll hold on and at least give it consideration. It could mean the difference between discovery of ultimate creative ability and stagnation in the status quo.

Please Keep an Open Mind

I’m going to talk a bit about evolution in this episode and I know that can be a contentious issue. Some people believe in a Big Bang and the evolution of all species from a single point in history, while others believe there were specific species or “kinds” of animals created and we’ve seen evolution within those species but no transformation from one species to another.

Regardless of how you approach this topic, the question is valid and remains the same; what causes these physical changes to living creatures from generation to generation? How does a soft-billed bird transform from generation to generation into a hard-billed bird in response to it’s environment?

We Know Our Thoughts Change Our Physical Condition

At the very basic level, mental anxiety can cause a sick or nervous stomach, which may cause you to not be hungry or with some people, causes them to eat more. That’s a physical change because of thoughts.

If you don’t buy that one, I’m you’ll agree, mental thoughts of a sexual nature certainly cause changes to your physical condition.

At a deeper level, some scientists are wondering if our thoughts may cause a lasting physical change at the cellular level. With this question also comes one which asks if our cellular changes can be passed on to later generations? Could this conscious thought and the desires we have, be the cause of evolutionary changes?\

Cellular Memories

There is a hypothesis that your memories are stored in the cells of your body, not just in your brain. In fact, there are people who have received organ transplants who experience cravings for food the donor had, or memories of events they never experienced, but the donor did.

Unicellular Slime Learns To Expect Changes in It’s Environment

This is from a study out of Japan where a Protoplasmic Slime was given changes to it’s environment which affected it’s movement. The scientists found that the “slime” would move at a rate of about 1 centimeter per hour, but when they lowered the humidity levels in the environment, the movement would slow down.

To see if there is evidence of cellular memory, the scientists changed the humidity at a very precise cycle and they found the slime would slow its movement as expected. But, when they stopped the pattern of changes the slime expected the change at the precise time and slowed it’s movement. This was a strong indication there is some sort of memory at the cellular level.

Some scientists are wondering if our cellular memory could be passed on through the reproductive process? When a man’s cells combine with a woman’s cells and the magic of conception happens, is there also a passing along of each parents memories, desires and thoughts?

The Minnesota Twins

There’s a study out of the University of Minnesota involving identical twin boys born in Minnesota, seperated at 4 weeks old as they went to two different adoptive families and eventually reunited at the age of 39.  Here’s what they found out about each individual.

Remember, there was no contact at all until finding each other at 39 years old.

  • As a child each of them had a dog… named Toy.
  • Each had been married twice.
  • Both of them married a woman named Linda first.
  • Both of them married a woman named Betty second.
  • Both of them had a son and both of them named that son James Allen.
  • Each of them had driven the same color and model of car, to the same city in Florida and eaten at the same restaurant at one point in each one’s life.
  • Both of them smoked Salem cigarettes.

There are so many stories about twins who were seperated at birth and had very peculiar behaviors or experiences in life.  Another pair of twins in the same situation ended up having identical laughs. In addition to that, they found they both folded their arms in the same identical way when they would laugh.

Clearly, there is some compelling, though not scientifically conclusive evidence that our memories, desires, and knowledge may be passed on from generation to generation through our cells.

Could Your Desire Be Impacting More than Your Own Cells?

Science has shown us that our thoughts are energy and we know our cells, at the atomic level, are largely made of energy. Could it be possible for the energy of our thoughts to impact and alter the energy of our atoms?

Since our cells are made up of atomic energies, we realize when we touch one another, our energy is interacting with their energy. Given what we know about energy, there is every indication this is possible.

I’ve often wondered why touch is so often used in spiritual healings. In fact, even in the Christian scriptures, the Apostles would engage in the “laying on of hands” when praying for those in need. For years I accepted this but I also wondered WHY it was the practice?

Could my thoughts impact my energy and when I touch you, that change impacts your energy?  Could this even go beyond human cells and impact all cells?  

I’m not taking God out of this, in fact, I’m saying this IS God at work through an amazing creation we’re only just beginning to understand.

  • Is there a Universal Mind which is affected on a truly universal scale by my thoughts?
  • Do my experiences affect that Universal Mind?
  • Could giving people hope in a desolate area, also affect the hope of all creatures?
  • Could this Universal Mind be the mind of what we call God?
  • Is God experiencing God’s own creation through our thoughts?

Think about it…

Call to Action

I’m not asking you to believe this, I’m simply calling on you to be open to this potential. Even in the Judeo-Christian monotheistic worldview there is a potential for this.

You have an image of what God is like based on what you’ve been told and you read this image of God into what you read in scriptures, which affects your views of God even further.

Allow for the potential of this in your spiritual journey.


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