Ep. #30 – A Tool To Wake You At The Perfect Time


“The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep.”

W.C. Fields

In This Episode

You’re going to hear about an app which doesn’t necessarily help you fall asleep earlier, but it will help you wake up feeling more refreshed than ever before. It’s a tool on your phone which tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up, within a specific window, at the best possible time.

Never Get Jolted Awake

You have probably experienced this at one point in your life; you’re deep in sleep, maybe having an amazing dream and all of sudden, BOOM! Beeeeep, beeep, beeeeep.  Your alarm is blaring and you’re waking up completely disorganized and unaware of your surrounding.  You hear this piercing sound and, after a big of pounding around with your fist, you find the snooze button.

This is the absolute worst way to wake up and it will leave you feeling “disconnected” throughout the entire day. I’m sure, if you’ve experienced this, you can attest to the bad day you’re about to have in the next twenty-four hours.

Deep R.E.M. Sleep Is Vital To Your Mental Health

Science has proven to use, when we don’t get good quality, consistent and deep sleep sleep, we will suffer mentally. In fact, many people who do suffer from depression or anxiety will find one of the most important things they can do is get into a regular sleep cycle.

There a relatively new psychiatric therapy which is having tremendous results called E.M.D.R. or Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. It’s revolutionizing how people who been through traumatic life move forward.  Not only have personal friends of mine had amazing results, but there is tons of documentation on case after case where trauma is halted completely.

It’s all based on the healing that goes one when we enter into a R.E.M.  sleep cycle.  As you can imagine, if there is a ton of healing happening during these very deep times of sleep, the worst thing you can do is interrupt them.

How the Sleep Cycle App Works

In just about every smartphone, there is something called an accelerometer which keeps track of the position and angle of the phone at any given time.  If you lay it on the table, it knows and even if you bounce along a bumpy road, it can tell.  In fact, one app you’ll find in a lot of phones is a digital level.  This works by using the accelerometer to determine if the phone is being held level or at any sort of angle.

By using this accelerometer, an app can tell if the phone is being jarred or bumped at any given time.  When you use a sleep cycle app, you place your phone in the corner of the bed nearest you, right before you go to sleep.  The software then uses the movement it detects to determine if your tossing around or completely still and most likely in a deep sleep cycle.

When you’re in a very deep sleep, scientists say your body actually becomes paralysed. In fact, you may have had times when you or your partner have been trying to scream in a bad dream and you can’t open your mouth. It sounds like a muffled scream because your muscles are unable to open.

Wake Up When You’re Naturally Already Close to Being Awake

Imagine how sleep cycles would look; you’re in a very deep sleep where your body is completely still, to slowly moving up to a more semi-awake state, then back into a deep sleep.  This pattern repeats itself, for most people, about 4-5 times in a types nights sleep.

As you can image, the least disruptive time for you to wake up is when you’re already semi-awake in your sleep patterns. That’s exactly what these sleep cycle apps can do for you.

Here’s where to download

This is the app I use called: Sleep Cycle

There also one available on the Android smartphone through Google Play. It’s called Sleep Bot – Sleep Cycle Alarm.

While you’re looking at those, make sure you click on the “related” items tab and see what else is available.  There may be something that fits your needs more directly.  I do use the Sleep Cycle app on the iPhone and love it.

I hope this helps you.  Try it out over the next couple of days and let me know if you’re waking up more refreshed and renewed.



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