Ep. #34 – The Ultimate Question: Why Are We Here?


“I’d Like to Know Who I Am and Why I’ve Come Here. I study a lot of different themes about the brain, biology, effectivity and I jump one to the other but no one truly helps me. I think they are a simple distraction about something more important in my life.”

Leonor – A listener and member of our community from Spain

In This Episode

We’re going to look at what it means to be here, living our lives and finding our purpose. Being a Thursday, we like to go into the spiritual side of things and, to truly understand our greatest purpose, this is where we’ll have to go. To understand why God or our creator brought us into the world, we have to understand something very controversial about this God entity. Get ready… this might be a bumpy ride

Resources Mentioned:

Three Magic Words – U.S. Anderson

This is a fantastic book which I find myself recommend all the time. If you’ve read The Secret or The Master Key System, this is a great accompaniment to both of those.


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