Ep. #38 – Going from Involved to Committed



“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

Mario Andretti

In This Episode

You’re going to learn about a mindset that permeates so many areas of your life, but has a direct impact on your success or failure. You’re going to learn about the rare notion of commitment, how to recognize it and distinguish it from simple involvement.

Commitment Transcends All Areas of Our Life.

Just like I discussed in Episode 8 with self-discipline, when we exercise a value in one area, we strengthen it in all areas. Someone who doesn’t commit to their marriage probably won’t commit to their business ventures, even in a sole proprietorship, or their diet and fitness plans and even to their employer. I realize that’s a sweeping opinion and I realize it’s not black and white.

If you’re not able to keep commitment in one area, you’re LESS INCLINED to keep it in another.

Do you want to know why your businesses fail and never make it? Look at your relationships. Do you have commitment in those? If that value is void there, why wouldn’t it be void in another area of your life?

We Don’t Stop When It’s Uncomfortable

If you’re in a relationship, business, organization, or community because you’re comfortable there, you’re destined for failure. Commitment has absolutely ZERO connection to comfort. This MUST be ingrained in your head

This doesn’t mean you endure abuse to remain committed. In fact, I want to make that very clear distinction.

Why Have Vows?

If you love someone, what’s the reason for making a vow to the relationship? Why can’t you just say “we love each other and we’re going to be together” and be satisfied with this?

Don’t confuse a vow with a religious ceremony, I’m not saying a relationship requires that. If you have a shared faith, than a religious ceremony can be something you both engage in because you have the same values.

A civil ceremony is a recording of your vows in a public place. Being in public adds weight to your commitment because you’re making this commitment in front of your community. You even are required to have a witness who can say “Yes, I heard you make that commitment.”

But the commitment, even with a witness is of no value if the person making it doesn’t value it.

Commitment Occurs Even When our Mood Changes

  • You commit to eating right, even when someone brings in a jar of chocolate to the office.
  • You commit to exercising even when you stay up late the night before and wake up a tired. You still get on that treadmill when you’re committed.
  • You commit to a relationship even when you are tempted by another relationship
  • You commit to a business even when it requires more hours and more work than you initially planned.

Are You The Egg or The Ham?

When it comes to offering breakfast, a pig makes a commitment, and a chicken gets involved.

What are you offering? Are you committed or involved? If things go bad on a project, can you simply walk away? The pig can’t.

That’s the difference between commitment and involvement.

Call to Action

Find an area today where you’ve not exercised commitment. This could be your diet, marriage, another relationship, work, or even bills or credit cards and this is probably going to be an area that’s of little value to you. That’s why you haven’t remained committed. That’s the area that’s going to strengthen you the most.

There’s a formula to this where the strength you gain is in direct proportion to the lack of value you have for that specific area. Make a decision to strengthen your commitment in that area.

Pick one…. and push through.

As you get stronger in this area, you’ll find it strengthens the other areas.

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