Ep. #39 – Effect is Around You, Cause is Within You



“To believe in a just law of cause and effect, carrying with it a punishment or a reward, is to believe in righteousness.”

Ernest Holmes – The Author of Science of Mind and Founder of the Centers for Spiritual Living

In This Episode

You’re going to learn about the most effective way to make lasting changes in your situation, whether that’s in your business, relationships, finances, or another area of your life. We’re going to look at the very real cause of what you’re experiencing in life right now.

Frustration Comes From Chasing the Effect

Have you ever tried to grab a long hose with water gushing out of it? Unless you grab it at the very end, it whips and flips all over the place, getting everything wet. You can have a hold of the hose, but unless you’re at the source of the pressure release, you’re not going to be able to stop it from flopping around.

To help illustrate this further, imagine you’re in a boat and you hit some rocks and bust a hole in it. You grab a bucket and you start bailing water out as frantically as you can, bucket after bucket, working yourself to exhaustion, but STILL that boat is full of water, and depending on the size of the hole, you may have even more water than when you started.

Until you get to the CAUSE of the situation, in the case of the hose, water coming out of the end of the hose is throwing that thing all over the place. In the case of the boat, the hole is allowing more and more water to come in as fast, if not fast, then you can bail it out.

This is the way things are in life, we become frustrated because we’re chasing the effect and not changing the cause.

So what is the cause? Well, there are certainly specific causes to specific effects, but universally speaking, there’s is one cause of all effects.

Everything Comes From Thought

There is nothing in the Universe which does not come from thought. Everything you see around you came from thought and all thought is part of a Universal Thought. Does that make sense?

There is a collective energy of thought which is propelling creation into constant and neverender improvement.

This is not to say the Universe is without a higher Source of direction, but rather that the direction is transmuted through us, humans, made in the image of God, into the creation around us.

Improvement in creation only comes when we are in alignment with the pure force of our creator, which, by and large, I believe the mass of humankind is, with some exceptions. But as a whole, we are more in alignment than out.

Yes, at times, when we see the news stories of tragedy around the world, wars, human rights violations, slavery, greed, corruption, and more, it can seem that this isn’t the case.

I believe if you polled every human on the face of the earth, are they more motivated to do good or bad, the vast majority would say they’re motivated to do good. That doesn’t mean the vast majority DOES do good, just that we believe we are motivated by that.

Humans are collectively putting a stop to tyrants where they can. We’re working to end hunger, we’re motivated to stop environmental destruction. Yes, we may flip off the guy who cut us off or someone may keep silent when a store gives them too much change back, but overall, as a body of people, we’re working towards improvement.

It is our thought which brings about evolutionary changes in our physical conditions. I go into this more in Episode 29.

Our Individual Desire is Impressed Upon the Universal Desire of All Creation.

In Episode 29, I talk about how science is proving (still not 100% conclusive) that our thoughts and intentions have a direct change in our physical condition. And our collective universal thoughts have a direct impact on our universal condition.

So What Are Your Thoughts? What Are You Causing?

When we understand that everything around us, every circumstance is the effect of thought, we know instantly that we can change a great deal of our circumstances by changing our thought.

YES… I realize, some of the effects around us are caused by the negative thoughts of others. I know that, all too well.

When you have someone in your life who is not driven by a desire for being in alignment with the perfect Source within us all, you are going to be stuck in the murk and mud of the effect of their thoughts.

But, even in those situations, the wisest teachers in history remind us that our response to the effects of others will determine whether we have peace in the midst of the turmoil. Yes… easier said than done, but that’s why we’re doing this Mental Mastery Moment podcast, to raise our awareness. Without awareness, we have no hope of finding that peace. We’re running through the forest of life, in the dark.

So, if you know your thought is the cause of the effects around you, what thought can you change today? What thought is not in alignment with perfection? What thought is not Christ-like?

Jealousy? What is the effect of jealous thought? Dissatisfaction with ourselves, in comparison to others. Disappointment with what life has given us? Jealousy does not bring about peace.

Greed? Greed is motivated by changing the effect not the cause. Greed is the cause of negative effects. We hope having more will leave us feeling like we are worth more. This is what motivates greed.

Hate? The effect of hate is bitterness and a general negative view of our world. Hate comes at the expense of joy within ourselves. You can not have joy in your heart along with hate. You may have fleeting moments of joy when the hate is momentarily gone, but until you remove it completely you wont’ have joy completely.

I can go on… I won’t.

Which of Your Thoughts is Causing a Negative Effect?

Remember, changing it will change the effect, but it doesn’t work in a vacuum. Your effect will mix with the effect of others around you. You may not remove negative thought and instantly live in bliss. But, the negative effects of your thoughts, mixed with the negative effects of those around is certainly not a better option.

We often abandon our attempts at putting out positive thoughts, when we see others who are doing the opposite. This is motivated by our desire to have revenge, a negative thought itself which will bring about a negative effect.

So, have peace… within… even in the midst of the negative effects of the thoughts of those around you. Eventually, your environment will change. You will affect those who see you and the peace you have.

So what’s your thought? Which one or ones will you change today?

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