Ep. #47 – Done Is Better Than Perfect


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Done is better than perfect.

-Mark Zuckerburg

In This Episode

You’re going to learn to focus on the things you’re doing right and not the things you may have missed. You’re going to learn to look for the positives and forget the negatives.

Practice What I Preach

Because of some outside issues, I wasn’t able to put together my outline for this episode, but I had to force myself to overcome this instinct I have to do everything exactly right.  I decided, instead of delaying the publication of this episode, I was going to speak off the cuff and straight from my heart.  No outline, no notices, just me talking to you about what is on my heart.  Learning how to be ok with being done even when things weren’t “perfect.”

I’ve spent years procrastinating on so many projects because the vision I had for them was so amazing, I didn’t think I had the time to do it as well as I imagined it would be.  So, instead of getting started, I just left it. I done nothing because it wasn’t perfect.

Is Crap Good Enough?

Our fear is, if we settle for “done instead of perfect” we’re accept crap instead of the best we have to offer.  The truth is, it’s our ego which requires us to strive for perfection, because we see that as a mirror of ourselves.  That’s our ego talking to us and it’s our desire to project and image that isn’t real.

How many kids, may you or your own kids, have come home on report card day with 3 A’s, 2 B’s and a C and the only thing anyone noticed was that we got a C in a subject at which we’re incredibly gifted.  This sets us up in life to not take action, unless we can do things perfectly. Is this what happened to you?

Have you judged your business plan on the 3 A’s and 2 B’s or did you stay focused on the 1 C you got?  What about your website?  You did everything right, but you don’t like the way the comment area looks and every time you go to the site, that’s all you see.

It’s happened to me on numerous occasions and it’s something I’ve had to make sure I overcome. It’s not easy, but you have to train your mind to focus on the 3 A’s and 2 B’s.

“You will do more if you find what you’re doing well and you encourage it than if you focus on what you’re doing wrong and you try to fix it.”

This applies to you and you probably know it.  You’re focused on all the areas you need to improve and it’s keep you from moving forward and taking bold action.

Call to Action

I want you to take some time TODAY and focus on what you’re doing right.  I know it’s not easy and I know it feels uncomfortable, but it’s important you do this and you do it now.

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Share with the community, what you’ve done right recently.  I don’t want you to share what you did wrong, or what you could have done better, or faster or soon, but what you’ve done right.  Share it.

Let’s start to applaud our accomplishments in spite of our misses.  Nobody is analysing Tony Gwynn’s strikeouts. Instead they’re looking at the times he hit the ball and how he did that so well.  Truth is, he missed more often than he hit it, but that’s not what built his career.  He swung the bat and he hit the ball.  That’s what you need to do as well.

When we learn to focus on what we’re doing right, we will increase our productivity several-fold.


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