Ep. #52 – Feed Your SOUL Then Your Goal


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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Jung

In This Episode

You’re going to learn why it’s important to develop your vision or your soul desire before you develop your goals. If you don’t have a vision, you can achieve your goals and still not be happy.

Head Towards What You Want

If you’ve listened to my podcast for very long, you know, I love to use our physical well-being to help illustrate our emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. So, if you set a goal to jog 5 miles per day, you may meet that goal but it doesn’t mean you’re going to achieve your vision. In fact, you may know your vision, but you didn’t intentionally and consciously set your goal based on your vision.

Maybe your vision is to lose weight, but why do you want to lose weight? Is it for health reasons? Do you want to reduce your chance for heart disease or diabetes? I would even push a little further and ask why you want to avoid diabetes? Is it so you can live longer and enjoy more time with your family? Do you want to do more in life, to experience more and be happy doing it?

As you can see, jogging may be one piece of the puzzle and it may help you achieve your greater vision, but it’s probably not the only way to achieve it. In fact, you may hate jogging so much, your vision to live a longer happier life is compromised. The entire time you’re jogging you’re begrudging your existence.

Do Less of What You Love for Longer

Of course, there is a price to be paid for anything of value, but just like making a living, you can make a living doing something you despise or you can pursue your natural passions.

The same thing applies to physical activity. Maybe you love gardening instead of jogging and you could burn just as many calories shoveling dirt and pushing a wheelbarrow around your yard. Maybe you enjoy walking around the mall and you can do that instead of jogging. Of course, 5 miles of jogging doesn’t compare to an hour of window shopping, but you have to find your passion. It may not get you there as quickly, but your ultimate vision will be intact still.

When your goals align with your vision, you stick to them longer. So, yes, jogging for 5 miles a day does burn more calories than 3 hours of gardening, but if you quit jogging after 6 weeks and you don’t even count the time you spend gardening, which one will ultimately drive you towards your vision for living a longer life, so you can enjoy more time with those you love?

Look at Which Diets Work

Truthfully, to lose weight, you simply need to ingest fewer calories each day than your body burns. You’ll then dip into your stored energy (fat). It’s really that simple. It’s math… create a calorie deficit.

You can either reduce your carbs, your fat, your protein, or simply reduce caloric intake overall. But if you reduce the things you love the most, you’re going to be on a very short diet and this is the reason most people see their weight fluctuate up and down.

We read about the latest idea… Maybe juicing (by the way I love juicing) and we do that, but we’re miserable because we miss having a steak on Saturday nights, or a roast on Sunday afternoons. So our diet, which is supposed to help us lose weight so we can live longer and enjoy our lives with our families, causes us to NOT enjoy our lives.

Our Goals are Not In Alignment with Our Vision

This is what happens to so many people in their career or a business they start. We want to make a lot of money so we can … fill in the blank… most of us don’t want money to have money, we want money because we believe it will help us achieve our vision or, as I call it, our Soul Desire. Maybe that’s to feel as though we are of value to those around us. We want to feel valuable. Having money means we can treat others to lunch (we’re valuable) or we can give loved ones nice gifts (we’re valuable) or we can donate large sums to a charity we love (we’re valuable).

So our Soul Desire isn’t to have money, it’s to feel valuable.

But then we pursue a career which doesn’t address this desire to feel valuable. Maybe we’re doing something that makes a lot of money, but we’re not adding value to anybodies life. In fact, they become valuable to us instead of the other way around. We become dependent on them for money and we feel even less valuable.

You Must Know Your Soul Desire

Significance? Value? Love? Do you want to feel loved? Appreciated?
Make sure your goals align with your Soul Desires. If they don’t, you won’t pursue them for very long. It’s like the steak lover going on a vegetarian diet so they can live longer and happier lives… it’s not going to last very long.

What Are You Pursuing and Why?

So, look at your goals and step back from them… ask yourself what is my vision, what is my soul desire?
Then set your goals and make sure they don’t go against your vision. Maybe you haven’t even set any goals… now’s the time.

What’s your vision… what would satisfy your soul? What would fulfill your reason for existence? Figure that out first? Then let your goals fall in line below that.

I’m very focused on this issue right now because I’m putting together a course to walk you through the process of discovering your soul desire. I actually stumbled upon this over 10 years ago when I was reading self improvement book and the author did a very basic walk through this process. It was like I was smacked in the side of the head. All that time I had spent pursuing my goals and I never looked to see if they aligned with my vision… my soul desire. The year I went through this discovery process, I dropped the world of “network marketing” which, is fine, if that’s your passion, but I realized, what motivated me in that world was the accolades received when walking across the stage as a brand new “Diamond” or whatever. I wanted to speak to people and motivate them to achieve more… I wanted to be significant.

That’s the year I began my shift over to broadcasting. Eventually, without going “Diamond” in a network marketing business, I was speaking to an audience of close to 1 million people per week, on a national radio network. My vision was being fulfilled and to an even greater degree than I imagined before.
I flushed the goals and started fresh from my vision, my Soul Desire. Then I established the goals.

So, if you’re struggling with this, email me and I’ll sure I share with you when my Soul Desire program is complete. Desmond@PDesmondAdams.com This is huge for me… I SO value knowing my Soul Desires… my core desires… my vision.

Let me know you’re interested…. Desmond@PDesmondAdams.com

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