Ep. #56 – Workflowy: Simple Tool To Organized Your Thoughts


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“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”

Napoleon Hill

In This Episode

I’m going to share with you a free app that will help you organize your thoughts in the simplest fashion I’ve ever experienced… With this app, it’s like putting a hot knife through a stick of butter.

Workflowy Screenshot

Why I Love This Tool

You have all these ideas in your head and if you don’t get them out onto a piece of paper, RIGHT NOW, you’re going to lose them. You know it’s true… so, here’s a tool I use, in fact it’s the tool i use to organize my thoughts for every episode of the Mental Mastery Moment… it’s incredibly simple… but incredibly amazing.

The app I’ve used for this is called Workflowy

Great for note-taking

  • It’s so great for getting your thoughts out of your head and onto your computer.
  • It’s like an unlimited bulleted list
    • I type one idea, hit enter and another list item hits.
    • If I hit tab, it indents it
    • Hit Shift Tap and it undoes the indentation or “outdents”
  • I use this for throwing my ideas out onto the computer and then I start to sort and organize them.
  • If you want to focus in on one subsection, you click on the bullet and it zooms right in.
  • You can bold… you can italicise
  • Hit Shift Enter and you’re adding a sub-note under one of your bulleted items.

Great to for task management

  • This is the simplest task manager ever
  • You have projects… they go above the tasks.
  • You have task… write them down…
  • You have subtasks… you indent them.
  • Want to focus on one project.. click on that bullet and it’s zoomed right in.
  • When you finish a project you just hit Ctrl-Enter and it’s lined out.

Go to Workflowy.com and give it a try.  Listen to the podcast episode above and walk through it with me and you’ll have a great understanding of it’s simple brilliant power.

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