Ep. #58 – The Most Common Traits Among Those Who Achieve Greatness


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“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”

– Buddha

In This Episode

You’re going to learn the greatest distinction between someone who ends up a success and someone who doesn’t. It’s not the ONLY distinction, but a distinction that is common among the largest number of people who have achieved greatness.

Do Something!

This is the single most common trait among those people who achieve greatness.  They actually do something.  They take action and don’t just think about taking action.

There are a ton of brilliant ideas but only a few people who are willing to take action on those great ideas.  Those are the ones who achieve something amazing in life.

What Keeps You From Taking Action

The first thing you should do is start with the end in mind.  By this, I mean, set a deadline.  If you don’t have a day when it MUST be done, it will never happen.

I’ve also found there are 5 hurdles most people have to overcome before they will take real action.  I outline these for you in this episode.

What’s Single Action Item Will  You Do Today?

I’d love love to know what you’re going to do today to take action towards your goals. Remember, it doesn’t need to be something huge, in fact, be intentional about making it small and bite-sized. Just do something… anything.

Tweet me and let me know what item you’re going to do today: @PDesmondAdams

Quick Survey

What hurdle is standing between where you are right now and where you want to be in life?  Would you take a quick 4 question survey and let me know what it is for you?

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Thank you very much.  This will not only help me, it will ultimately help us all, as I make sure I’m addressing the real issues with which we’re all struggling.

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A formerly frustrated entrepreneur who has learned how to go from dreamer to doer to done. I help you discover your purpose, explore your psyche, maximise your productivity, and grow your platform so you can bring your unique gift to the world and live the life you deserve.