Ep. 89 – Your “Hamster Wheel” Escape Plan


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Episode Summary

If you’ve ever felt like you were stuck in that proverbial hamster wheel of activity, even in the small or inconsequential areas of life, this episode is going to explore things you can do to break free from it.

We’re going to look at what you can do today to get away from the mundane tasks which rob us of our joy and consequently, our creativity.

#21 -Stop doing the same things over and over without taking a break.

This is from the series: 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. You can listen to all of the previous items and make sure you keep up to date through that link.

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Engage With The Community

What routine did you break away from today? What have you been doing at a particular time, in a particular way, that you’ve shaken up and explored in a whole new way? 

Share with our community of listeners just like you and help others move beyond where they think they can go. You can help someone move forward simply by sharing your challenges and, if you have, how you overcame them.

Share it below in the comments sections or over on our community page on Facebook.

May your reach always exceed your grasp,


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A formerly frustrated entrepreneur who has learned how to go from dreamer to doer to done. I help you discover your purpose, explore your psyche, maximise your productivity, and grow your platform so you can bring your unique gift to the world and live the life you deserve.