Ep. #3 – Why Self-Discipline Trumps Every Other Personal Attribute


Without self-discipline success is impossible, period!
– Lou Holtz

If you feel like you’re doing everything right; you’re a dreamer and you’ve developed numerous wonderful products or services, you believe the impossible is possible, you have a vision board in front of you and you’re emotionally connecting with what you see, but you just aren’t achieving your goals and dreams, the issue is most likely one of self-discipline.

Welcome to My World

The story I outlined above was my story for so many  years.  I thought all I had to do to have my dreams manifest themselves was believe. Simply believe and envision them happening and before I know it, they’d be right in front of me.

There is something we miss in that process of believing and manifesting.  When we believe and we envision our dreams coming true, we begin to change.  We change spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and even physically, as the Universe molds us into what we need to be to have those dreams before us.

Great at Dreaming – Not Great at Doing

Because I wasn’t aware of this ingredient in the Law of Attraction, I wasn’t looking for that change to take place.  I continued to dream and wait… dream and wait… dream and wait.  I wasn’t foolish enough to dream and then spend each day laying on the couch, periodically checking the garage to see if my Bentley was in there yet.  I knew it took work, but I wasn’t conscious of the changes that would have to take place within myself.

My Great Epiphany

I was on vacation in San Diego, visiting family and while I was in my brother office (he’s a Vice President for a major national bank), looking out over NAS (now MCAS) Miramar, I had this epiphany. My brother been rather successful for most of his adult life.  He had worked hard while he was in the Marine Corp and afterwards he has his lean years as he was starting his family, but for the most part, he was doing well financially.

My brother wasn’t really a “dreamer” like I was.  Now, I’m sure he had dreams and goals, but they weren’t central to his persona.  I never saw a vision board in his office and I don’t think he ever read The Secret, much less spent most of his time driving around “dream building.”  But, he was incredibly self-disciplined.  He worked very hard every day without being distracted by newspapers, or websites or idle conversation. He also saved a lot of his money, always putting a small amount away even when he didn’t have much extra.  Not only was he self-disciplined on the business and financial side of things, he was careful about what he ate and he rarely went a day without working out.  He was self-disciplined, like a good Marine should be.

I began to consider all of the people I knew who were doing well in life and it dawned on me, they were all the same.  My father-in-law also wasn’t one who you would call a dreamer, but he was incredibly self-disciplined in every area of his life.  His office was neat and orderly, he would exercise every day, and he got his work done before he set aside time to play.

BUT… It’s Not JUST About Self-Discipline

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think just having self-discipline will take you to the top, but I do think it’s a vital ingredient. People who have self-discipline but don’t have the ability to stop and focus on their dreams or make the time to become silent and tap into the infinite knowledge found within, are selling themselves short, just like those of us who do all the dreaming but don’t have the self-discipline.

When you are aware enough to combine both lofty dreams with rigid self-discipline, you exponentially increase your potential. So, if you’re a dreamer, ask yourself today, am I practicing self-discipline and staying focused on the tasks in front of me. If you’re very self-disciplined, ask yourself, should I set aside the tasks in front of me for a bit to just let my imagine wonder and see what my mind conjures up? Both tasks for both types of people are incredibly difficult.

Self-Discipline in One Area Impacts All Other Areas

Don’t make the mistake of just focusing on your professional life, also become disciplined with your physical well-being, with your time for family, with education, and every other area of your life.  The more you practice that self-discipline, the more you will see it changing the other areas of your life.

I hope this is of benefit to you and has provided you with the same insight I gained when I became aware of the issue of self-discipline.

Now… dream… do…


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