Ep. #4 – Why It’s Vital We Live in the Perfection That is Right Now


Good… Bad… Right … wrong… beautiful… ugly… fun… boring…

If you’re always chasing after that good feeling, or you’re day is ruined because of something that happened that you didn’t like, you will benefit from this episode.

Let’s start with a confession…

I have not perfected this and that’s ok.

I am always reminding myself of the truth of what I’m going to share, but I still rely on that reminder.


Most of the time we think of judgment as a negative assessment of someone.  But judgment isn’t just negative. Sometimes we can judge something to be good or beneficial.. or maybe delicious.

So is judgment in both cases a bad thing?  Well, that in and of itself would be a judgment upon judgment.

When we judge we chase after perceptions of good or we run from perceptions of bad. We become tossed about, chasing this and fleeing that.  We miss out on the moment that is right before us because we are wrapped up in what was or what is to come and we miss the beauty of right now. We miss LIFE.

Let me give you an example: most believe lying is bad, correct?  In fact, if I told you there was a family who were openly breaking the law of the land and when they were confronted by the police, they lied about it, your initial thought would probably be, this is bad.

But, what if that family was in Nazi Germany and they were harboring a Jewish family in their attic? Would that be bad?  Would it be good?

What Is Judgement?

Judgment is when we rely only on our perceptions and our limited knowledge.  This happens often with two things in particular… other people and our own future.  Of course…there are other things too… other peoples futures… other peoples thoughts towards us. But for the most part, I find most are dealing with judgment of others and their own future.

Both of those situations provide us with very limited knowledge.  Even with others, we can have all the facts about something they did, but we may not know the emotional or mental state of the person committing the acts.

With our own future we often end up procrastinating because our perception of the results our actions will bring or we rush into something for the same reason.

So, is there no right and no wrong?  Of course, but right is wrong is based on discernment which is different from judgment.

How is Judgement Different Than Discernment?

Discernment is an assessment of facts presented to us and only those facts.  It’s based in wisdom and not speculation.  It’s based in knowledge and not perception.

So what’s the answer?

The beauty of life is there IS no answer.  There is no blue or red pill you can choose, there is life and the experiences it gives us.

Live in The Moment That is Right Now

To live our best lives we must live in the moment.  To focus on what is before us now and not to be defined by what happened in our past. It’s to look at what is before us now.  Every moment is the dawning of a new life before us.

We are to look at the facts and know that our car registration comes up every June and we’ll need a few hundred dollars to pay it.  That is a discernment of the facts.  We know cars don’t last forever and they need periodic maintenance, so we should have set aside reserves which will afford us the ability to handle those things when they come up.

We don’t need to live in fear of the unknown.  If I create this product, people may hate it and then I’ll have wasted my time.

Live and Love Right Now

Live in the moment.  Look around you right now and find the opportunity to love another being.  That could be the cat on your desk, your spouse, or maybe that person across from you who looks like they’re judging their day, or life, as being horrible.  Be light and love and give what you know is good.  Love.

It’s a journey, it’s a practice… it’s something to simply allow to happen and be content in it.  Perfection is  not far off, it is right now in this moment in time… and this one… and this one… and again, this one right now.  Be perfectly content in it and do not be tossed about like a ship in a storm.


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