Ep. #9 – People See God Through You

[powerpress] Think about how many times you’ve heard someone say “Why me God? Why did you let that person hurt me?” or maybe even you’ve said it…

For those who believe there is a higher power directing life here on Earth, the way you interact with them can influence their view of God. Be nice to them and they’ll thank God for being nice to them. Be hurtful to them and they will question why God allows them to be hurt.

Whether we like it not, we are expressions of God and we impact others view of God.

Hurt people hurt people.

Even after we come to the realization that we are expressions of God, we must remember, we’re not perfect expressions and neither are those around us.

If you are the looking glass through which others see their higher power, how do the blemishes in your life impact that view? There are two things to considered in this regard,

  1. Every “ripple” in our life changes how God will look to those around us.
  2. We are to do our best to smooth and polish those ripples to allow a more perfect view of our creator.

Avoid the Blemishes

Before we look at how to remove the “ripples” or blemishes in our life, let’s look at one of the best ways to avoid them in the first place.

Here’s an illustration for you to consider:

  • Throw a hard rock at glass window (rigid vs rigid) and what happens? Maximum damage
  • Throw a hard rock at a trampoline (rigid vs flexible) and what happens? Little to no damage.
  • Throw a rubber ball a window (flexible vs rigid) and what happens? Little to no damage.
  • Throw a rubber ball at a trampoline (flexible vs flexible) and what happens? No damage.

Force energy is absorbed by something malleable and it has less impact. That’s because the energy is absorbed and displaced by the movement of the object hit. It’s the same way with us in life.  When we’re rigid and we’re hit with something rigid, the damage is almost inevitable.  This is very easily illustrated in the religious wars through mans history.

The more rigid we are, the more likely we are to be affected by the force of others. Become flexible and the impact is reduced greatly.

Smooth out the ripples.

So, looking back at the idea that we’re a looking glass through which others can see and experience God, we  must do all we can to make that glass as blemish free as possible.

Yes, you got hit pretty hard with life in the past, but you can make a conscious decision to smooth the impact that has on your life (glass) today. In fact, honesty about our past can let others know what they’re seeing through us isn’t exactly perfect truth, it’s filtered through a blemished lens.

Sometimes we can harbor resentment or stand in denial of our pains, which leaves the blemishes in place, affecting others view of God. Even if the change is slow, it should be done. Work on your blemishes and let others know they’re there. There is no shame in life’s impact on us.

If They’ve Seen You, They’ve Seen the Father

Going back to the original quote from Jesus that I mentioned at the start of this episode, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father,” we should realize we all can say the same thing about ourselves. We all are showing the Father to those around us and it’s our job to show the “Father” in the most true image possible.

Don’t let your previous view of God through others affect what I’m about to say. God is love. Now, you may instantly say “well, I’ve read the scriptures and I see a vengeful and angry God, how can that be love?”  Remember, you’re seeing God through the lens of a blemished person.

Come to the place where you accept God, Source, Universal Mind, or whatever you want to use as a descriptor, as nothing but love. When you do this, you can find your blemishes and imperfections when you see anything other than love working through you. Love is God and God is love. Evil is not an opposing force to God, just as dark is not an opposing force against light, it simply is the absence of light and evil is simply the absence of God or love.

I hope this brings you peace and allows you to bring love to those around you.  When we have peace we perform at our best, which affects every area of our life.  This is the reason, I incorporate the spiritual in the topics I share on here.

May your reach always exceed your grasp (and perfect love seems to be beyond all of our grasps),


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