Ep. #19 – Who is the Real You Under All The Crap?


Since Christ lives within you, even though your body will die because of sin, your spirit is alive because you have been made right with God.

– Romans 8:10 New International Version

In This Episode

You’re going to explore the real you.  Not the you who you see when you look in the mirror or the you who you see when you consider your emotions (sometimes worse than the person in the mirror) but the absolute perfection that is the purely created you. Where is that you?  We’re about to, hopefully, find out.

It’s Personal This Time

Unlike my usual show notes, I’m going to ask that you take time to LISTEN to this episode because I share some very emotional issues which I’ve had to deal with in my life lately.  I think, writing them out here on the website will leave them a bit disempowering.  So, please take time to listen.

This episode comes out of some trauma we’ve been dealing with in our family.  A loved one who has lost their beautiful true identity because of all the crap that has been thrown at them over the course of their life.

Wash Off All the Crap and What Do you See?

I asked you to take some time, close your eyes, and visualize yourself being washed of all the crap we’ve mentioned.  Picture yourself in the middle of a field and tons of fire hoses gushing fresh clean water over you, rinsing away all the crap.

  • What do you see when that happens?
  • Who is that person?
  • What are they like?
  • How would others describe them?

I realize, because of the crap, it can be very difficult for us to see ourselves going through this.  For that reason, look at the process in the third person.  Imagine that you’re someone else, watching this happen to you. How would you now describe that person you see underneath it all?

What you see is Christ that is always within you.  What you see is the perfect image of God in which you were made and you still are today.  That is the you that is under “you.”

Our Ego Wants to Hold on to The Crap Image

In life, we become so comfortable with all the crap that covers us that it truly becomes our identity. When this occurs, we’re afraid and uncomfortable to let it all go.  We hold on to the pain, the hurt, the greed, guilt and jealousy, because that’s who we are.

To find that true self under it all, you must humble yourself to let go of the crap.  Even though that crap feel comfortable, you have to let it go. Set the ego or “the flesh” aside and let the crap fall off, as uncomfortable as that can feel, this is what will let the Christ within shine through.

The divine you, the Christ within you, the perfection of the creation that is you, lies under all that this world has thrown at you. Let it shine…

The Real You is God

So, your real identity is God. Heretical for Christians? Not in the least. Does it disempower man and authority of the institutional church? Absolutely, but that’s exactly what Jesus did when He said so many anti-establishment thoughts that the authorities had him executed.  All Jesus said was that you were empowered and loved by God in the most supreme way and there was nothing the religious leaders could do other than bog you down with THEIR dogma.


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