How to Move Forward When You’re in a Storm – Ep. 147

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To many people in the personal development world present a false reality to their audience. They present a view that their life is pretty, clean and packaged perfectly. That’s not the way your life is and it’s certainly not what my life looks like. 

Your life is real. Your life isn’t made up of theories, it’s made up of real situations that aren’t always pretty and packaged up in a neat little bow.  Too much personal development advice is presented in this way. 

My life is like yours. Real and very messy sometimes.

But your success in life isn’t determined by what others do to you, but how you react to that.  

When others bring a mess into your life, you can let that stop you and keep you from where you want to go, or you can bear down and push through and make progress. 

When the Storms Raise at Sea

One of my dreams is to take up sailing and spend an indefinite amount of time sailing around the world with no schedule and no agenda. 

I’ve learned a bit about sailing, including sailing in the midst of a storm. You try to avoid them but sometimes you find you’re stuck in the middle of one and you have to deal with it.  

There’s something called furling your sails.  This is when the winds get too strong and you have to shorten your sails to keep the boat under control.

You’re reducing what you expect out of your sails.

You have to do this in your life sometimes as well.  This doesn’t mean you head to shore, turn around or just sit there. This mean you continue to move forward but you adjust what you’re expecting out of your sails.

Adjusting My Expectations

I’ve had a storm in life the past 24 hours.  Not a storm I sailed into intentionally, but one that just showed up all of a sudden.  For me, it’s a family member who’s hurt and not dealing with their emotional pains in a healthy way.  You love people but you can’t fix them without their desire to join in on the process. 

I’m going on 2 hours of sleep. I’m exhausting and hurting today because of this.  But, I also have made a commitment to bring a new show every weekday.

This isn’t the show I expected.  I had to furl my sails today.  So I’m just going from my heart. I’m trusting this will resonate with you. 

Trust Your Instinct

Listen, sometimes we feel like doing less because we should be doing less. Trust your instinct and measure it against your current knowledge and wisdom from the past.

I’m a firm believer that when we trust the spirit within us, amazing things happen and I am trusting this show will have a bigger impact for people than what I had planned. 

I wanted to just go to bed.  Felt that before?

I said… I’ll just do a 5 minute show and share that life has turmoil sometimes and I’ll mention how we need to press on and do whatever we can.  We have to be in control of life not have life be in control of us. 

I plopped myself down and just wanted to write a few notes for an outline.

Look at where I am now.  I just took one step. Opened up my Evernote app where I keep my notes and I just started to write. 

I want this to be an inspiration to you for the days when you’re overwhelmed.

Don’t compound the overwhelm by keeping your sails unfurled.  By that I mean, don’t compound the overwhelm by keeping the same expectations. 

I furled my sails and I pressed on through the storm… keep in mind, this isn’t about the past, this is what you’re experience live with this episode.  This isn’t a cute story, this is reality right now. 

In doing that, the stronger wins on my furled sails have taken this episode even further than I originally planned.  That’s not uncommon in life.

Press On

If today is the day, press on.  If today is great for you, remember this episode for the day in the future when you’re in a similar situation. 

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