The Sexual Nature of Manifesting Prayer

Many have written on how to manifest your dreams through thought, meditation, prayer, visualization, goals, and so much more. But very few have shared the spiritual creation which must take place for if you are going to manifest your dreams. You’re about to explore the mystical world of creation and the stories and legends which have been told to help illustrate this amazing power.  But first…

WARNING! The following information will likely screw-up your current ideas about prayer, God, and even yourself. Read it at your risk.

Why Your Prayers Go Unanswered

Most of my prayers have been weak and lacked any true faith my prayers would be answered.  They were more along the lines of making a very sincere wish while blowing out my birthday candles or tossing a penny into a well. I really wanted them to come true but after my prayer, I still only had hope they would be answered and no real confidence that would be the case. That’s not faith.

Maybe you’ve done this: I gave myself a back-door exit to my prayers by I adding: “if it’s your will, God…” This was how I could ask an all-powerful deity who doles out answers to prayers in what appears to be a haphazard manner, for something I deeply desire and not lose faith in Him when it doesn’t come into being.

I was following the typical Evangelical Christian world-view. God answers prayer when it’s within the will of God. So what about all the kids who died of cancer? Curing cancer in an innocent child isn’t in God’s will? That’s a tough thing to believe and even tougher God to love and follow.  Sorry, just being brutally honest with you.

My typical prayer looked something like this:

“Father, we come before you humbled by your graciousness and seeking your will in our lives. We just ask that you would reach down and touch our lives in a way that keeps our hearts focused on you and your desires. If it be your will, we ask that you would _______.”  

Does that look like something you’ve recently prayed?

Prayer Creates Our Desires

Everything I’ve ever ready or heard about prayer described it as our avenue for petitioning the Creator of the Universe for our needs. But nobody asks, or at least they don’t ask it out loud, why we bother praying if God’s going to do whatever He wants anyway?

I’m going to finally give you an answer to that question: because prayer isn’t about ASKING for our desires it’s about CREATING our desires. Prayer is how we exercise the creative power we’ve been given as humans who are made in the image of God. You see, prayer isn’t about asking someone else, it’s how we use the power of God to create for ourselves.

So how do we exercise this creative prayer to manifest our desires?

If you want a boat, you or someone builds one, sometimes from wood. That wood is made out of planks which come from chopping down a tree and planning them until they’re smooth and uniform in size. That’s how the boat is built, but how is the wood created? The wood comes from a tree which comes from a seed being planted in soil and germinating, sprouting, and growing. We don’t have to struggle or strain to create wood. It happens when the seed is planted in the fertile ground. That’s creation.

We have children in the same way, by planting a seed in fertile conditions and then allowing the gestation to occur without our continually replanting the seed each day. Once the magic happens, it’s done. Within this process lies the secret to CREATING all that you desire because you are made in the image of God. You operate in the same way God has designed the entire Universe to operate.

How To Plant and Germinate Your Desires

Inside of each seed is the intention of that seed. You don’t train a walnut seed to eventually grow into a walnut. You don’t have to admonish and correct an orange seed to eventually conform to the image of an orange tree.  The intention of the seed is within the seed itself and it simply needs to be planted in the fertile ground for it to become what it’s intended to become.

Your desires are like blank seeds which are dependent on your conscious mind to set in place their intention. What is that desire going to ultimately become? Most of us who have studied The Law of Attraction or other illustrations on how to manifest your dreams have become really good at setting the intention of that seed of desire. We do that through vision boards, written goals, and verbal affirmations. But once that’s done, we don’t follow through with the rest of the natural universal formula for creation… planting the seed.

The subconscious mind is the fertile place for planting the intention-filled seed of desire. Throughout ancient writings and particularly in the Judeo-Christian texts we see this illustration being given where the conscious mind is described in a male role and the subconscious mind is seen as the female. The conscious male mind impregnates the subconscious female mind.  Once this happens, just like in the physical world, there need be no more yearning or longing for our desire. Simply nurture and protect that planted seed and allow the natural process to occur.

Experiencing the Big-O in Your Mind

What I’m about to explain to you might be a little odd for you to buy into, but please know it’s the natural process of creation for all living creatures. In fact, it should be pleasurable in the same way a sexual experience is pleasurable. No, you won’t have the same physical reaction but mentally you’ll be in a very happy and comfortable place. Makes you wonder why more people don’t do this.

Once you know what you desire (placed the intention in the seed), sit or lay down in a very comfortable position and close your eyes. It’s important you remove yourself from your current time and place so you can experience your desire here and now. You can’t have your current consciousness coexisting with your desired consciousness so send away the undesired current state. This is how I mentally enter into my “prayer room” where I can experience my desires in the secret quiet place.

If it helps you remove yourself from the current surroundings, put on some soft white noise which will block out the audible distractions around you. You can also use a guided meditation or prayer which will include this the verbal instructions. Let your mind go blank and focus only on your breathing in and out through our nose or mouth or the moving in and out of your stomach as you breathe. Keep focused on that one point to help you remove all other distractions and thoughts.

Once you’ve removed your current time and place from your consciousness begin to see yourself in the first person (not looking AT yourself but through yourself) as you experience your desire. I recommend keeping this practice to just one desire at a time. Fully experience the fulfillment of your desire. Physically feel what’s going on around you. Is there a breeze or sun shining on you in this situation? Feel that against your face and skin. Are there others there with you? See them there and even feel yourself shaking their hand or hugging them. Physically feel the event happening. Do the same with what you smell and hear. Fully immerse yourself in this moment.

Now the Magic…

Narrow your focus to one single moment of your experience. This should be something which really encapsulates your desire happening right then and there. Maybe it’s someone shaking your hand congratulating you on a stage or it could be you unlocking and swinging open the door to your brand new dream home. Feel yourself in that one very specific moment.

You may want to utter some words which express your gratitude or acknowledgment of your coming true. You may try something like “Wow, this is amazing” or “Thank you so much!” Repeat that short phrase over and over again as you feel your emotions welling up inside.

The more vivid your imagination and the more you set yourself emotionally in that single moment as if it was happening right here and right now, the more you will progress towards impregnating your subconscious with this desire being true right now (that’s important). Allow your face to react to the emotion within you, whether that’s smiling, laughing, or even tears of joy. Allow yourself to be immersed in the moment.

When you have successfully planted the seed of your desire into the womb of your subconscious you will feel a tremendous satisfaction rush over you and you’ll know you’re done. You’ll no longer have a desire to continue with the exercise because your mind will know the task has been completed. This is in the same way your body reacts to the sexual event. It is finished.

This is the key to manifesting your desire through prayer or meditation.

Continue to Nurture and Protect Your Desire

You no longer have to long for your desire. In fact, don’t even consider it a desire since it’s already in existence. If you have a vision board, remove it immediately or you will risk seeing it as something you still need to have happen in your life. You don’t!

I hope it has opened up your mind to the incredible power you hold within yourself. The power of God to create through you and you to create through God. It’s one in the same because you are created in the image of God. You are the creator and it is in your very nature to create all of your desires.

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