Ep. #14 – Tapping Into Infinite Knowledge


“The universal Mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things. To it, all things are possible.”

– Ernest Holmes

In this episode I want to help you realize you have a resource available which contains infinite knowledge and creative power. Your thoughts, your imagination and your creativity are not limited to the knowledge you have gather up to this point in your life.  Indeed, your imagination taps into something OUTSIDE of you which is absolutely limitless.  It’s time to stretch….

Where Did The Idea Come From?

Think back to one of the latest inventions, which have had a dramatic impact on just about everyone’s quality of life, at least in the western world and maybe even beyond.  I’m talking about the smart phone.

Whether you’re an iPhone user or you prefer an Android based phone, or maybe you’re the person using a Windows phone, we all have the team at Apple to thank for revolutionizing how we think of a mobile phone.  Yes, Androids have leap-frogged iPhones in some area and not in others. Yes, most Android users claim their phone is much better than the iPhone and vice-versa. But we all have to admit, if it wasn’t for the revolution of the iPhone and the competition it created in this field, we wouldn’t have anything even close to what we have today.

Think back to that first iPhone that came out; it was a game changer in so many ways.  The interface was so much more intuitive and the world was introduced to idea of using App. In fact an entire industry has grown out of the App store itself. Fortunes have been made. I remember the first time a colleague walked in with an iPhone in hand.  I couldn’t wait to try it out and I was blown away by how smooth it felt, the things it would do and the fact that text messages showed up on one screen so I could follow a conversation.  Even voicemail was changed by being about to see exactly who left the message and not having to dial into it to hear the message.

Did Our Mental Capacity Suddenly Increase?

Think about this: 4,000 years ago, humans had the same intellectual capacity to come up with a smartphone as they do today, so why didn’t they? Because, for the most part, we limit our imagination to just a bit beyond what we can physically sense all around us.

What would have happened to technological advancement if we could travel through time to 4,000 years prior and we handed them a smartphone (besides the fact that we wouldn’t have electricity, LTE data services and everything else, but let’s just say, you had enough charge on the phone to last the time travel and you could show them.  Where would technology be today?

The reality is, humans had the intellectual ability to create the very same smartphone, but they didn’t have the imagination to conjure it up. But break that barrier and what’s possible?

What Can You Not Imagine?

Now, ask yourself, what is my knowledge keeping me from imagining? What do you refuse to believe is possible?  Is it on par with what humans refused to believe 4,000 years ago but clearly IS possible today?

What did the development engineers have to do at Apple to shift from the phones we had in 2006 to the phones we had in 2007? The reality is, they relied on previous products such as the Apple Newton, a failed PDA, but they also had to forget a bit about what they knew.  They had to set aside the knowledge they had and tap into the infinite possibilities. Once they did this, anything was possible. In fact, right now, there are designers and engineers who are setting aside what the iPhone has taught them so they can develop the next great advancement.

Thing Outside of Your Mind

In so many great teachings on Universal Mind, we’re taught and instructed to practice silence in order to move beyond what our physical mind knows and tap into what the Universal Mind contains.

Charles F. Haanel, in The Master Key System has a complete program to teach you how to go from sitting still to being silent, through visualizing the deconstruction of a known object as an exercise for eventually constructing an unknown item.  It’s a system which teaches us exercises to help us use our mind in a totally different way than we normally do.

Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich has you do an exercise where you converse with “invisible counselors” such as Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison. You walk through mental exercises where you imagine yourself sitting down with these great minds of the past and you pick their brain, waiting silently for their answers.  This is simply another method of quieting our mind and tapping into the Universal Mind.

The Universal Mind, which we’re all connected to, and simply individual expressions of, transcends time and space. So, one can tap into Universal Mind and access the great thoughts of someone like Thomas Edison, because his thoughts are part of the Universal Thought.  But since Universal Thought is outside of time, not only can we tap into previous thoughts, but future ones as well…

The Next Great Invention is Already Existing in Universal Thought

This is a stretch, I know, but think about the fact that, given the concept of Universal Mind, the ideas in the minds of the Android and Apple developers existed as part of Universal Thought even 4,000 years ago because there is no time in that world of thought. So, the hypothetical time travel scenario I painted earlier really could exist but in reverse.

This means, today, we can allow the thoughts of future inventors, even 4,000 years from now, to impart their creative resources upon us.  What keeps this from happening? Our inability to allow it to happen because of our existing knowledge.

Keeping Dogma From Limiting You

I realize this is some pretty deep stuff and the way you have been programed to think will have a huge impact on your ability to embrace this mindset. Some who come from a dogmatic religious teaching where there is much to fear, will not want to touch this. They’ll call it dabbling with Evil, but let me ask you, knowing what you’ve been taught today, how would you react if someone said they heard God speak to them through a burning bush? Or what about that same person coming down from a Mountain and saying “here is was God has told me” claiming to have audibly heard the voice of God?

Do not let the dogma taught by man limit your ability to connect with God. We’re viewing God from a very short time window of experience.  Most Christians today do not even know of the meditation practices of St Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.  In his practices, he would visualize himself existing in biblical scenes, even asking Jesus or other biblical characters questions. Sounds very similar to what Napoleon Hill taught in Think and Grow Rich, right?

Even most modern day Christians in the Western World will readily admit we spend too much of our prayer time talking and not enough time listening. I’m going to going a little deeper into this idea of “Christian Meditation” in a future episode of the Mental Mastery Moment” so make sure you’ve subscribed in iTunes, Stitcher radio or whatever you’re using.

Today’s Exercise

At some point today, be intentional about spending some time in absolute silence simply listening to what your mind can “hear” from beyond your existing knowledge. Do it initially, for just 5 minutes and see if you can just focus on your breathing for a while and then let your mind drift… you may experience absolutely nothing but you may have the answer to a serious issue pop into your head.

Be grateful.


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