You Don’t Know What You Need… Until You Need It.

If you’ve lived any decent number of years, you know life is not just a journey, it’s a journey comprised of many small journeys, with each having a lesson which helps refine the greater course of life.  I’m now at the age of 46 and I’ve had my fair share of journeys and “sub-journeys” and I feel as though I’ve come full circle, but with much greater wisdom then when I began.

Success From the Back of a Magazine

Selling Seeds for PrizesWhen I was a kid, I was always flipping through the ads in the back of the Boy’s Life magazine, a publication put out to Scouts of all ages, and I was always a sucker for opportunity to win cool prizes, the equivalency of striking it rich, for an 8 year old boy.  If I sold enough seeds, I could win an inflatable raft, or a remote controlled airplane, and even a tent.  That page was like a “vision board” for me and I dreamed lofty dreams because of it.

Eventually, I sold (or my parents bought) enough seeds for me to actually win that inflatable raft and I enjoyed it for a couple of summers at the beach in San Diego.  I was hooked! I was a salesman.

This passion for selling my way to the possessions I desired lead me to a newspaper route at the age of 12 and eventually cycling through Amway three different times, not to mention the other “opportunities” I chased.

Assets We May Overlook

My first experience with the Amway business happened when I was just 18 and it literally changed my life.  I never got rich with material possessions, but I did get introduced to a different way of thinking.  I would get a Book of the Month that included titles such as As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz and, of course, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the holy grail of positive thinking books.  As an 18 year old, while my friends were out drinking and trying to “hook up” I was at home reading these gems.  It changed the way I looked at the world and I’m incredibly grateful for it.

Lesson in it All

Looking back at those years when I was chasing a dream of wealth, I sometimes feel robbed. But, truthfully, I gained so much more than I dreamed of acquiring in material possessions.  I didn’t stumble upon a gold mine, I stumbled upon a map to every gold mine in the world.  A worthless, tattered old map that ultimately would lead me to every dream I would ever dream.  Those which involved the material, spiritual, physical and emotional.  I gained the key to everything I wanted.

Never underestimate what you have been given. Try to look past what you’re envisioning and ask if there’s something greater to be had.  But, most importantly, do not immediately judge what has been placed in your hands, as you don’t know what you WILL need someday.  A rope that appears worthless today, may be just what you need when you’re at the bottom of a pit years down the road.  This Universe delivers to us whatever we ask of it, sometimes before we actually realize it’s what we need.

I hope you this helps make sense out of some of what’s happening in your life today.

P Desmond Adams

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