What You Want, You Must First Give – The Vacuum Effect – Ep. 128

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The Golden Rule – The Vacuum Effect

We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have done unto you. 

When we’re spiritually immature, we think “well, that’s stupid, I’m going to do unto others whatever they do unto me.”  “Why should I treat them better then they treat me?”

Because of the Vacuum Effect – This is a phrase I recently heard someone use on another podcast.  But, I can not figure out which show and who said it, but it’s not a phrase I created, so I can’t take credit. But I love it!

The vacuum effect basically states – When we give something away, we create a void in our soul, or our spirit where that something used to reside, which creates a vacuum needing to be filled by the same item. 

  • Give away hate and you turn on the hate vacuum, drawing an abundance of hate into your life. 
  • Give away love and you turn on the love vacuum, drawing an abundance of love into your life. 

Now, consider the Golden Rule again –

Do unto others what you would have done unto you.

  • Give to others what you would like to have given to you.
  • Give away, what you would like to draw in to you.

This is why so few of us are able to achieve what we truly desire in life.  We hold onto what we want, never giving it away, never creating that vacuum.

Wisdom from Jesus said “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you, and even more.”

In Christianity, you’ll also find the concept of sowing an reaping. In a letter from the Christian Apostle Paul, to the new believers in Galatia, he said “God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”  

To clarify, from my perspective, this isn’t saying you can’t mock MY God… or make fun of Him or my image of him. It’s saying “you can’t turn your nose up at this reality.”  On par with “Gravity can not be mocked.”  This is a reality that will impact you whether you believe it or not. 

What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get.  Like it or not.

Now, I know a lot of Christians have a strong aversion to this view of what I just read and that’s ok.  

Other faiths teach the same thing.  Of course there’s the Buddha’s teaching on Karma.  The cause and effect of our past and present actions on our current and future circumstances. 

It’s Not Just Money

If you’re thinking “I know some real jerks who do pretty well for themselves.”  

Remember, it’s not about the external results, it’s the internal ones as well.  Even though they LOOK fine, most of the time, they’re tormented internally.   If not now, at some point it catches up. 

Having the most isn’t just about money.  It’s about peace, it’s about an abundance of love for oneself and those around us.

Call to Action

Create a vacuum of whatever you want today. 

  • Love? Give love
  • Peace? Give peace
  • This isn’t about balance.. you don’t get exactly what you give… you get back plus some. 

It’s like the great Universal bank. Give and you get back with interest.

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