You Don’t Have to Marry Your Life Purpose, Just Date It – Ep. 123

So much pressure…  LIFE purpose.  We think this is the meaning of our entire life.

This episode is inspired by a conversation between Lewis Howes of the School of Greatness Podcast and Jay Papisan, the author of The One Thing. 

When I was 20, my life purpose was much different than it is now. 

Don’t confuse the 50,000 foot view with the 1,000 foot view.

     The higher you go, the less defined the image. 

     Think about a picture of earth from the International Space

     Can you make out your state? Your city? Your neighborhood?

          But RIGHT NOW, you have to go pick your kid up from school.

     What I have to do RIGHT NOW is different from what i have to do in life.

My International Space Station view says my purpose is to love.

Think about it as a cone.

     My life purpose is the tip.

     The further I get from that, the more wiggle room I have.

What I have to do today, should be in the direction of that tip… love, but it doesn’t have to BE the tip.

Like a compass, choose your next step based on where it’s pointing.  

As long as you have that arrow defining “NORTH” or “YOUR PURPOSE”, you can explore. Just stay moving in that direction.

What will you do today? This week? This year?  

What do you want to do in the next 5 years.  (these goals change). 

Reset every day, every week, every month. 

But keep the compass in your hand so you know  if you’ve gotten off course.

But don’t be afraid to explore. 


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A formerly frustrated entrepreneur who has learned how to go from dreamer to doer to done. I help you discover your purpose, explore your psyche, maximise your productivity, and grow your platform so you can bring your unique gift to the world and live the life you deserve.